National Football Museum – Manchester

A truly inspiring and educating place to visit and if you ever get the opportunity to do so, I would.

I recently visited the National Football Museum in Manchester and was astonished at how interesting it was. Not something I’ve ever really heard of nor did I know it existed just last year, but one of the best museums I ever visited and the only.

Its free to enter, easy to find and fun for all the family. Simply brilliant. I can tell you enough how good the place was. I learnt a multitude of things which I’m sure if I searched on the internet I could find. Not anything I thought I wanted to know but yet things which amazed me and gave me a different view on some football things. An interactive museum it is. With touch screens all over the place and different activities going on all around. Football shirts old and new on a spinning belt for your enjoyment and facts on every football team from Port Vale to Manchester United. Obviously consumed by memorabilia collected from many years ago and some just last year.

The first floor consisted of some stations with headphones allowing you to listen to the best commentary on your clubs best moment in history. Whilst I was there, a Match of the Day commentary challenge was available which looked really fun, unfortunately I didn’t get a go. It even has a brief history from the start of football to todays game. John Motson’s iconic sheep skin coat lives here. Of course I had to get a picture.


The second floor had games and information about the fundamentals in football. A team, manager and fans. A famous quote from Port Vale fan favourite John Rudge graced the walls of the museum, and for my Port Vale fan friends I had to get a snap of that as well.


A great hour or hour and a half for you and some friends or family.

Here are the rest of my snaps.



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