The Rise of Salford City

Salford City, originally founded in 1940 but re-established in 2014 when Manchester United’s famous Class of 92 (minus David Beckham who instead has opted for a franchise in Miami) are progressing quickly and efficiently through the English league hierarchy and it’s a story which has been at the centre of English media attention including a BBC documentary might I add.

With two consecutive promotions and in the hunt for another one the small team turned fans favourites are progressing magnificently well under the ownership of Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes, Gary and Phil Neville and the management of Anthony Johnson and Bernard Morley.

It was a brave move when in 2014 the cult heroes of the Red Devils decided to buy the non league town who at the time were a consistently mid table side with no hopes or aspirations of gaining promotion and an eye on the Football League was something in their wildest dreams, but now they’re just two promotions away from being one of 24 teams in Football League Two. With two consecutive promotions under their belts Salford will consider themselves front runners for promotion this season but being up against the likes of Stockport County who were a mainstay in the Football League for 106 years and seem to be on a slippery slope down the leagues. For Salford this means whilst they probably consider themselves as promotion contenders, other teams will look at them as a dragon that needs to be slayed, they’re growing quickly and perhaps other teams will look upon them enviously meaning they are the team to beat in the league.

The documentary commissioned by the BBC, featured the owners, the managers and now former star striker and model Gareth Seddon. Gareth, in my opinion, is the kind of person that embodies everything modern football should be about, he showed in the BBC show his passion for playing football was as big as anyone’s, but last year Seddon left Salford City to join Ramsbottom United of the Northern Premier League, and has scored an impressive 6 goals in 12 games for The Rams.

Salford City could be considered the symbol for the lower tiers of English football, all waiting for a break, for example a team of ex footballers with a wealth of experience at the very top of the game!

Who's your favourite non league team?

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