DF Previews…

Sean Landin previews his teams upcoming season.


Manager: Jurgen Klopp 

Last season: 2nd


Oxlade Chamberlain – Offers a different dimension to Liverpool’s point of attack for the Liverpool Midfield. If we can get him firing I think it will benefit our counter pressing style of play to a T. 


Van Der Berg – Not seen anything of him and is only 17 so don’t expect much from him this season! 


Ryan Sessignon – Left Back/Forward player. Would be ideal cover and rotation player for Andy Robertson. He is entering his last year of his contract at Fulham whom were relegated so I feel this could improve our squad and challenge Robbo. 



Klopp now has the team playing the brand of football he wants and has the players he wants to fulfil this and it’s shown with the performances of last season. Winning the Champions League last season was massive for Klopp and the club but with being bitterly close to the Premier League Title last season, it’s crucial he goes and wins it. I think with the squad we have a really strong opportunity, Lallana, The OX and Brewster are like new signings for us, but I think if we can keep hold of Harry Wilson he can play a vital part in securing us the Premier League.


Man United at Anfield – Absolutely despise the club! The one team I want Liverpool to batter every season and hopefully this happens at home! 


Premier League – I think this will be the main focus for the team especially coming so close last season! Retaining the Champions League would be class but I think the club has its eyes set on removing City from their podium. 

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